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You Guys Have Always Managed To Get Me Fresh And Wonderful Cigars

Rating (scale of 0 to 100): 100
Dear Tim and Carol I just wanted to show my appreciation for all your support over the past few years. No matter where I've been in the world, you guys have always managed to get me fresh and wonderful cigars. Everyone that I've shared my cigars with have loved them and many of them have become loyal customers as well. It's not just a great product that makes you guys stand out from the rest; it's the personal touches and your dedication to your customers.
Name: Troy P, New Bern NC

Best Cigar I Ever Smoked.

Rating (scale of 0 to 100): 100
A friend of mine had some clints cigars while we were in Iraq, he gave me one to try and I loved it. Best cigar I ever smoked.
Name: Billy Keen

...I Also Enjoy A Clint On The Week End

Rating (scale of 0 to 100): 100
My fiance' always liked Tatiana's Vanilla until we went to the Teddy Bear run in Sarsota, FL and he tasted a Clint that I purchased. Now not only is he in love with the flavor but I also enjoy a Clint on the week end with a crisp glass of Pinot Gricio...
Name: Rita Beauregard, Sarasota FL

Great Construction, Pleasant Aroma, Smooth Tobacco Taste

Rating (scale of 0 to 100): 99
I have been a cigar smoker for over 20 years and I have been searching for a smoke like this all that time. Great construction, pleasant aroma, smooth tobacco taste, never bitter. I just ordered another 30 and plan on being a long term customer. Thanks for making a great cigar.
Name: Vince, Loveland OH


Rating (scale of 0 to 100): 100
Just got my order today, I must say I have never been a cigar smoker...till now. Awesome. My friends and this site was right on the money. Thanks Guys!!
Name: Ernest, Wake Forest NC

I Enjoy Your Clints So Much I Am Trying To Make It Our Club Cigar

Rating (scale of 0 to 100): 100
I enjoy your clints so much i am trying to make it our club cigar. I have shared my clints with my bros. They enjoyed them very much. I have to get more soon.
Name: Frank, Silver Spring MD

Amazing Cigars!

Rating (scale of 0 to 100): 100
Amazing cigars!
Name: Cheryl, Burke VA

Very Tasteful And Not Overpowering

Rating (scale of 0 to 100): 95
I gave a 95 only because I am used to smoking the bigger 5 or 6 x 50 cigars. Very tasteful and not overpowering. Got 2 more from the sample pack and then to buy a box to go to Kabul, for a friend.
Name: Scotty, Bel Air MD

Tim Has The BEST Customer Service Ever.

Rating (scale of 0 to 100): 100
My husband had previously ordered cigars from this site and as a rookie, Tim made the process easy. Tim has the BEST customer service ever. P/S I train customer service at a major corporation and will use my great experience with Tim as what they should be striving to obtain. :0}
Name: Kathy Jo Brown, Phenix City AL

I Liked It So Much That I Ordered 50 For My Upcoming Wedding.

Rating (scale of 0 to 100): 100
almost 13 years to this day my nephew brought me a Clint cigar. I didn't smoke but i tried one. I liked it so much that i ordered 50 for my upcoming wedding.since there are no local outlets to purchase them I had to have them shipped. best wedding ever.
Name: enzo, oshawa,ontario

Great Cigar! Cool, Smooth Flavor.

Rating (scale of 0 to 100): 100
Great cigar!Cool,smooth flavor.After my first Clints my girlfriend asked me when I was gonna smoke another one! That was a first. She loved the smell and even lets me smoke em in the house. Another first. Clints are the only cigars I'll ever buy. Thanks a million!
Name: Kenny Burrows, Rio Rancho NM

This Is The Perfect Cigar For What I'm Looking For.

Rating (scale of 0 to 100): 100
received my Clint Cigars today, I ordered the 10 cigars in the case, took a few days which is fast I live in Hawaii. Poured a Porter Kona Beer and had my first Clints Cigar. Nice cigar just the right draw, burned evenly and the people in the house said it smelled good. Not to strong of a taste, nor did it get bitter has it burned down. The case is a nice touch and not having to cut an end is nice since I plan on smoking a cigar after my motorcycle ride. This is the perfect cigar for what I'm looking for.
Name: Eric, Kauai HA

What A Great Smoke...

Rating (scale of 0 to 100): 100
Received my Clint's and carry box today. Just smoked my first one out in the garage. Wow, you guy's were right! What a great smoke...perfect draw and long white ash, great slightly sweet smooth taste, burns great and nice aroma. I want another one! Wish the carry box was single row instead of double though. May be a bit thick to carry in a vest pocket I think. Holds 10 cigars, but 5 would be good. Has a divider in there to hold the humidipak that came with it - pretty cool.
Name: Bruto, WI

The Only Smoke I've Liked Better Was A $30 Padron Millenium.

Rating (scale of 0 to 100): 100
Had to order , in withdrawals.Stopped on vacation off Blue Ridge Parway,NC at a known dealer. CLOSED ON MONDAY.It was Monday!!! The only smoke I've liked better was a $30 Padron Millenium.
Name: Don, Wilmington NC

I Tried The Sample Pack And Now Im Hooked.

Rating (scale of 0 to 100): 100
I have tried a lot of diffrent cigars, but clints takes the cake. i tried the sample pack and now im hooked. i have given all my cigars away just to make room in my humidor for a box of Clints. Keep up the good work....
Name: Evan Cox, Weatherford TX


Rating (scale of 0 to 100): 100

These Are Great!!

Rating (scale of 0 to 100): 100
These are great!! Not only are they a fine smoke, they are also great to chew on when you can't light up. My troops love them!!!
Name: Big Sarge, Iraq

1 Of The Best Tasting Cigars I Have Ever Tasted

Rating (scale of 0 to 100): 99
i've been smoking cigars ror 32 years &recently tried clints @ a easyriders biker ralley in oh. 1 of the best tasting cigars i have ever tasted, dave from wv
Name: david williams, elkview WV

Very Nice Smooth Cigar With A Great Taste.

Rating (scale of 0 to 100): 98
Very nice smooth cigar with a great taste.
Name: Joe, PA

...Clints. It's Soft, It Smokes. This Was My Lucky Day.

Rating (scale of 0 to 100): 75
I just ran out of Camel non-filters. Not wanting to leave the house, I found a long dryed cigar, hard to keep it lit. Then, I took the wrapper off a plastic box of Clints. It's soft, it smokes. This was my lucky day. P.S. I bought these Clints at the Easy Rider Show 2 years ago.
Name: Robert, Sebastopol CA

WOW, Smooth, Great Taste, Burns Great.

Rating (scale of 0 to 100): 98
I have been a connoisseur of good cigars for quite sometime now. A friend recently gave me a couple of Clints to try. WOW, smooth, great taste, burns great. I couldn't have been happier. Ordering my first box this week.
Name: jeff magnuson, Troy OH

My Son Pleaded For Some Clints For His Birthday

Rating (scale of 0 to 100): 100
My son pleaded for some Clints for his birthday, he smoked them in Florida and misses them desperately!
Name: A Loving Mom, Fresno CA

...Clints Are The Best I've Had Yet

Rating (scale of 0 to 100): 100
iv'e smoked all kinds over the years, expensive and cheap iv'e even had few cubans. let me say clints are the best i've had yet.
Name: jeremy coontz, hartville OH

Gotta Order More

Rating (scale of 0 to 100): 98
Bought my first Clints from a vender at Suck Bang Blow during the Myrtle Beach,SC Spring '08 MC rally .Gotta order more
Name: Divepics, Wilmington NC

Clint's Are The Smoothest Least Offensive Smoke That I Have Had

Rating (scale of 0 to 100): 98
XLNT Smoke, I have had my types/sizes/styles over the years and Clint's are the Smoothest least offensive smoke that I have had. I share with my neighbor he always knows when I light one up, Keep up the good work. Mike
Name: Mike Faria, CA

I Was Sold From The First One I Smoked

Rating (scale of 0 to 100): 100
The first time I had CLINTS was at 2008 Leesburg Bikefest in Leesburg, FL and I was sold from the first one I smoked. Keepup the great work making a great cigar. Thank you.
Name: Mike Spagno, FL

These Cigars Are GREAT

Rating (scale of 0 to 100): 100
I just received my 1st box of your CLINTS and they were worth the wait, now I can smoke my last one from the sample pack that I received. These are the perfect size for a smoke when I get a break doing my Medical Magic out here in Iraq, and the small case is just icing on the cake. These cigars are GREAT

...The Best Tasting Cigar Made!

Rating (scale of 0 to 100): 100
Just got my first order and now I have some comforting down time with the best tasting cigar made!
Name: Nate, Al Anbar Province, iraq

The Clint Is A Very Smooth Smoke And I Enjoy The Taste And Aroma.

Rating (scale of 0 to 100): 100
I have smoked a variety of cigars over the years. The Clint is a very smooth smoke and I enjoy the taste and aroma. Its also the perfect size for a quick smoke break on the job. This will be my go to cigar from now on. Keep up the good work guys(and ladies).
Name: charles anderson, GA

Clints Is A (@#$%) Good Smoke.

Rating (scale of 0 to 100): 100
clints is a (@#$%) good smoke. I am a new client and will remain loyal to them .good cigars
Name: Patrick D J., willow springs NC

We Love Clints They Are The Best Cigar We Have Smoked

Rating (scale of 0 to 100): 100
I am on my third box of Clint cigars. I wish i had a case to carry them in. I got the local liquor store to carryClints,but he does not have the little cases.We love Clints they are the best cigar we have smoked and we have smoked many kinds.Like I said we are on our third wooden box of 50 and love them.
Name: Doug , Inverness FL

...It Was Truely A Great Smoke

Rating (scale of 0 to 100): 100
I quit cigarettes 11 years ago and have not smoked anything since, but I tried a Clint cigar for the first time last week end and I gotta tell you, it was truely a great smoke. Its unfortunate that I'm having trouble finding them locally.
Name: Bob M, Damascus MD

When I Light Up A Clint Cigar And The Aroma Fills The Room, You Can See Heads Turn...

Rating (scale of 0 to 100): 100
When I light up a Clint cigar and the aroma fills the room, you can see heads turn... That is why I always carry my 10 pak box...people want to know where do I get them? Where can they buy them? I send them to the general store. Thanks for making just one...
Name: Shirley P, Bradenton FL

My Hubby Really Loves Your Cigars!!

Rating (scale of 0 to 100): 100
My Hubby really loves your cigars!!
Name: sindy j, chester WV

A Good Smoke And A Good Value.

Rating (scale of 0 to 100): 93
A good smoke and a good value. Love the sweet mild taste that works any time of the day. It's become my regular smoke. Jul 26, 2008
Name: Charlie, Williamstown NJ

These Are The Best Cigars I Have Had.

Rating (scale of 0 to 100): 100
These are the best cigars I have had. I've smoked a lot different cigars nothing as smooth as these.
Name: Billy R, Lansing MI

Awesome Cigar For The Price And The Taste Is Amazing.

Rating (scale of 0 to 100): 100
Awesome cigar for the price and the taste is amazing.I ride a harley and smoke the clints on all my rides.
Name: Alex, Cumming GA

Thourghly Enjoyed This Cigar

Rating (scale of 0 to 100): 99
I first sampled a clints cigar at an easyrider bike show.. Thourghly enjoyed this cigar and have ordered some for my very own pleasure..
Name: Michael C, paris TX

There Are In A Class Of Their Own

Rating (scale of 0 to 100): 98
There are in a class of their own. I started smoking cigars because it's the best way to keep bugs off when fishing. I think the taste of the Cusano's 18 are exquisite and the small Clints are an awesome treat over here in Iraq. I've been working with the Military for years now and the soldiers love to receive them and smoke them up while conversing over the days events and still being alive. God bless ALL our troops and keep the prayers comin, we can use them.
Name: Alex W, Conroe TX

Liked Em So Much Ran A Testimonial And Product Review On CLINTS On Hd Forums

Rating (scale of 0 to 100): 100
liked em so much ran a testimonial and product review on CLINTS on hd Forums under product reviews, lots of positive comments.
Name: Dr. Bill W, Brandon MS

Clint's Are Great Cigar For Just About Any Occasion

Rating (scale of 0 to 100): 95
I have been smoking premium cigars for four years. Clint's are great cigar for just about any occasion- short enough for a 'quick' smoke but can be drawn out for after dinner. Shipping and packaging was top notch. I recommend these gems to afficianado and casual smoker alike.
Name: Jon, Fayetteville NC

I Was Very Pleased Wit The First Order I Received.

Rating (scale of 0 to 100): 100
I was not sure of the security of the site. I called and left a message. He called the next day and assured me of it being secure. I was very pleased wit the first order I received. I look forward to this order. This is a class act with a home town feeling.
Name: Pete C, Elko NV

Thanks For The Great Cigar, Guys!

Rating (scale of 0 to 10